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Nokia to conduct probe into fake Lumia 920 video

The fallout over the Lumia 920 video, which faked the PureView optical image stabilization (OIS) feature of the smartphone, continues over at Nokia. Today, it was revealed that the company will conduct its own internal ethics investigation over the fake video.

Bloomberg reports that, according to a spokesperson for Nokia, the company now has an ethics and compliance officer that is creating an independent probe “to understand what happened” with the video. There’s no word on when the report will be completed nor what consequences, if any, will be felt inside Nokia after the report is issued.

The video in question was shown to reporters as part of the Lumia 920 launch event in New York City last week and showed off how the smartphone was supposed to have more stable video recording, with less jerky movements, than other smartphones via the OIS feature. However, soon after the video was released, other websites spotted a van with lighting equipment and a professional camera in a window reflection in the footage.

Nokia quickly apologized, stating that they meant to say that the video was a simulation of the OIS feature and confessed that the Lumia 920 was not used to take the video. It later admitted that still image captures from the video were also not taken with the Lumia 920.

Source: http://www.neowin.net/news/nokia-to-conduct-probe-into-fake-lumia-920-video

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