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Apple’s iPhone 5 to get extra row of icons

August 9, 2012 Leave a comment

The extra screen real estate present on the iPhone 5 will afford users an additional row of app icons, claims report

The larger display present on the iPhone 5 will allow for an extra row of app icons, according to reports.

That means you’ll be staring at five rows of applications instead of the usual four. The news comes via 9to5Mac, which reported the following:

‘Thanks to some tweaks to the iOS Simulator application that is included in the iOS development tools, we were able to run the simulator at the rumoured next-generation iPhone display resolution of 640 x 1136. We did this running both the current public release of iOS 5.1 and the upcoming iOS 6.0 The iOS 5.1 simulator displayed the home screen with a stretched set of four rows of icons. On the other hand, iOS 6 displayed five complete rows – as our sources said Apple was testing for taller iPhone displays.

The report also claims that the simulator used for the above images would not correctly display five row icons at resolutions other than 1136×640 pixels. Try other resolutions, the report claims, and the icons scale to an iPad-like home screen layout, adding further weight to the theory that Apple’s iPhone 5 will use a larger display.

Is this the best proof yet of the iPhone 5’s elongated Retina Display?


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