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Keep your faxes organized with Popfax built-in OCR information

Searching your fax archives by keywords as well as selecting, copying and pasting from a received fax into another document is now possible for Popfax customers.

As faxing represents legal evidence of document exchange between enterprises it remains an important process in business communication. Often this evidence represents a large bulk of documents which is hard to organize and manage. Features like document conversion and OCR (optical character recognition) are the easiest ways to tag, sort, search and efficiently find documents in your digital document management system.What is Popfax built-in OCRand how can it help business professionals to organize and manage their faxes more efficiently?OCR (optical character recognition) – represents the process of converting the content of an image document into text characters. In other words, the OCR feature identifies all the textual content of a fax (which is actually an image file) and converts it to selectable text. This gives business professionals the following advantages:

  • Keyword(s) Searching – users can easily search faxes stored on their PCs by related keywords. The text content of a fax is recognized and indexed; users can search a fax by its title, summary, content or other relevant keywords within that fax.
  • Management – the text content of a fax becomes editable like a regular document. Therefore, fax content can be easily copied, pasted and reused.
  • Multi language support – the OCR feature works for all languages (18) in use in the countries where Popfax is present.

Dedicated software for document conversion and text recognition is either manually operated or costs a lot to integrate for each enterprise. Therefore, Popfax.com has already embedded this feature into its cost effective unified messaging solution.

“We have integrated the OCR feature in our unified messaging solution, to facilitate document management and flow within a company. We are constantly looking to add new valuable features to our set of productivity tools and we have more document management features to come this year” declared Vladimir Popesco – the founder and CEO of Popfax.com, the global provider of professional Internet fax services.

Source: http://www.popfax.com/news/article_1372.html

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