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How to enhance your business e-reputation

What is the e-reputation of a business?

Your e-reputation represents the overview of your brand presence on the web. It covers your brand’s visibility across the main channels of the Internet, along with social network feedback concerning the service or product that you provide.

What to measure and how to manage your e-reputation?

A diverse range of information makes it hard to analyze. Aggregating the right data for analysis is key to monitoring your e-reputation. To manage your e-reputation efficiently you should focus on the following main aspects:

  • Search engine results – monitor the positioning and ranking of your website in search engine results. Check your media coverage and brand visibility across the digital media sphere.
  • Web analytics – analyze your link popularity, backlinks to your website, related links, and hierarchy of your website. Structure and optimize your site for better rankings.
  • Social media – see what people are saying about your business. Establish a strong connection and build positive relationships by interacting with social media users.

Setting up an alert tool for those criteria will help you monitor and detect what is said about your brand, where, and in real time, along with your current e-reputation ranking.

How important is online reputation for your business?

Recent statistics show that almost 50% of business professionals consider a company’s e-reputation before initiating business contacts with that firm. Building a strong and well known brand will consolidate your market position, increase your brand visibility and let your brand work for you. Anything you post online is instantly exposed to a community of more than 2 billion people. Benefit from a huge online audience by defining and executing your corporate media communication plans.


Polishing up your e-reputation is vital for the success of your business. Building a trusty and visible brand will boost your overall results, contributing to natural growth and to the creation of a recognizable service or product. Manage your e-reputation in terms of a positive presence on the web and let it effectively influence your business.

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