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Turn your iPhone into an instant fax machine

Following its strategy of expanding online fax services to mobile devices, Popfax.com- the global provider of internet fax services announces the launch of its free faxing application for iPhone. Popfax now serves most of its customers’ mobile devices.

Popcompanion for iPhoneThe new application called PopCompanion increases users’ mobility and productivity by providing them the possibility of sending and receiving faxes and managing their Popfax account directly from their iPhone, anywhere and anytime. Simply put, it turns the smart phone into a pocket fax machine, which is very easy to use: no more paper and toner expenses, no more annoying fax machines, just your mobile with professional faxing solutions.

The PopCompanion is much more than a simple application for faxing from a smart phone – it is a complete unified messaging tool with a wide range of features:

– Sending of simple text faxes, browsing the file from a local folder, or sending faxes with a cover page.
– Receiving of an unlimited number of faxes for free.
– Sending SMS’s worldwide.
– Receiving voicemails and personalizing the welcome message.
– Managing the Popfax.com account details and settings.
– Managing the contacts and using both phone and Popfax contacts to send fax messages.

The new PopCompanion for iPhone is available in the Apple App Store. Anyone can try the application by subscribing to the Popfax.com Free Trial offer of 3 days with no obligation to buy.

After you make sure that Popfax mobile app is suitable for your business faxing needs, you can take the next step of choosing one of the plans available at really affordable prices.

Source: http://en.popfax.com/news/article_1328.html

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